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Thérèse Zrihen-Dvir

Regard d'un écrivain sur le Monde

23 août 2010 1 23 /08 /août /2010 23:02

Jews are Wising Up: Leaving the Left and Moving Right in Record Numbers

2010 August 23

by David Kaplan

How about a little gefilte fish to celebrate the good news?

How about a little gefilte fish to celebrate the good news?

In a recent survey by respected pollster Pew Research Center, the largest religious demographic shift in political party identification came from Jews. About 12% of Jews surveyed said their party affiliation was no longer the Left-leaning Democratic Party and about 13% more now identified as Right-leaning Republicans. About 3 times more Jews recently went to the Right than most other religious denominations. According to Pew:

Republicans also have made gains among Jewish voters; 33% now identify or lean Republican, up from 20% in 2008.

What, exactly, does that mean? Well, it’s obvious – that Jews aren’t dumb people. We know which way the wind blows and when you have a president and administration that saddles up with terrorist supporting regimes, most smart people would move in the opposite direction. When you have a president who accuses an entire country of mostly Jews of disliking him because of his middle name, we tend to get a little insulted – not to mention question his sanity. There are tons of reasons why Jews are leaving the Left, but it all comes down to this: 

Jews have historically been Left-leaning voters. Some historians have suggested that, because of the perception that the Left was a party consisting of those who believed in social justice, Jews – fearful of deadly anti-Semitism and persecution around the world in the 1940s – sided with those who they thought would protect them and serve their best interest. They were afraid. And they were loyal.

Well, Jews aren’t afraid any more. They have a country of their own, allies who will stand with them in a fight, and a technologically and tactically superior military renowned and feared for their competence and skill in battle. Jews are now shifting alliances in U.S. politics. Not out of fear. No. We’re not afraid, anymore. We’re angry. Loyalty be damned.

This comes as no surprise to me, personally. I left the Left many years ago and well before Obama was a twinkle in the Left’s eye. Admittedly, it was Obama who solidified that position for me, though. And, this new information from Pew simply validates my choices.


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