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Thérèse Zrihen-Dvir

Regard d'un écrivain sur le Monde

3 juillet 2010 6 03 /07 /juillet /2010 06:17

The Jews Do Not Want Peace

2010 July 2

by Michael Lumish

According to Larry Derfner in the Jerusalem Post, anyway. In his recent article, Derfner suggests that while Jewish Israelis would like to see a two-state solution, the truth is that they really, really dislike Palestinians.

In 25 years, I have never seen this country so blindly contemptuous of everybody and everything Arab, so drawn to confrontation, so intractably closed-minded. Israelis haven’t come around to the idea of a Palestinian state because they realize the Palestinians have rights, too, or because they think there’s something immoral about the occupation and the settlements. 

Today, if Israelis thought they could get away with expelling the Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza and the Israeli Arabs from Israel, they’d support it. But they know they can’t, so they want to put as much distance and as high a wall between them and the Arabs as they can.

If this is your idea of peace, then the cliché “all Israelis want peace” is true.

So, let me get this straight. Palestinians have been trying to kill Jews since the 1920s and have refused every single offer for statehood since the Peel Commission of 1937. At the end of 1947, directly after United Nations Resolution 181, the partition resolution, they launched a genocidal civil war. Before and after that war, they rioted. They have since conducted cross-border raids, suicide bombings, and rocket attacks, the latest… oh… on Wednesday. They teach their children to despise Jews and elect into office a genocidal, theocratic organization that includes committing a second holocaust in its founding charter.

And, yet, somehow, against all reason, the Jews of Israel are less than happy with the Palestinian people. Shocking, really.

Derfner, at least, acknowledges why Jewish Israelis may tend to dislike Palestinians.

IT DOESN’T come out of nowhere. It comes from traumatic bouts of violence and bloodshed at the hands of Palestinians who don’t accept the Jewish state by any means. Israelis have a right to be cynical.

Just not too cynical, according to Derfner.

If inclined to be charitable, one might argue that Derfner wants to see Israel be a “Light Unto the Nations.” Ben-Gurion, after all, idealistic socialist that he was, did not merely wish to create a Jewish state, but a Jewish state that would somehow “redeem the world” – whatever that means, exactly.

There is only one problem with all of this. Just as the Palestinians are human beings and not devils, so the Jews are human beings and not angels. To bemoan Jewish Israeli disdain for their Arab neighbors is to bemoan the human condition as it is. Someone needs to alert Derfner to the fact that people, whether the Jewish people, or the Palestinian people, or the Easter Islandish people, tend to dislike those who try to kill them. Perhaps if he understood this, he might show a tad less contempt for his own.

Somehow I doubt it, though.


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Pimprenelle Pourprée