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Thérèse Zrihen-Dvir

Regard d'un écrivain sur le Monde

17 novembre 2016 4 17 /11 /novembre /2016 23:31

Think Tank: Latest Atomic Energy Report on Iranian Compliance With Nuclear Deal ‘Borders on Deception by Omission’

Barney Breen-Portnoy


IAEA Vienna Headquarters. Photo: Wiki Commons.

The IAEA headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The UN atomic energy agency’s latest report on Iranian compliance with the nuclear deal it reached with six world powers last year “borders on deception by omission,” a Washington, DC-based think tank said in an analysis published this week.

“The IAEA reporting continues to lack critical technical details about implementation of the agreement,” the Institute for Science and International Security said in a statement authored by David Albright — a former IAEA official — and Andrea Stricker.

Furthermore, the analysis said, the “IAEA’s sparse and overly generalized reporting” is “contradicted by independent reporting pointing to problems in the implementation of the JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action]…This continued lack of information in the IAEA reports combined with the ongoing secrecy surrounding the decision-making of the Joint Commission (the body created to monitor implementation of the JCPOA) is a serious shortcoming in the implementation of the JCPOA and raises legitimate questions about the adequacy of Iran’s compliance.”

Albright and Stricker went on to say, “We continue to call for the IAEA to include much more information than it is currently providing and for the Joint Commission to make public its decisions, particularly those that change the nature of the agreement’s provisions. This information is needed to allow for independent assessment of Iran’s adherence to the JCPOA. We will continue seeking out and making available information on JCPOA implementation due to this ongoing lack of transparency.”

Last week, as reported by The Algemeiner, the US State Department declined to acknowledge that Iran had violated the JCPOA, despite an IAEA finding that the Islamic Republic had — for the second time — stockpiled more heavy water than permitted under the terms of the deal.

In September, a report published by the Institute for Science and International Security said that the US and other P5+1 nations had agreed “in secret” to allow Iran to evade certain restrictions in the JCPOA to allow it to meet a January 2016 deadline for international sanctions relief.

Meanwhile, Iran announced plans on Wednesday to bolster cooperation with other countries “in the field of civilian nuclear technology,” the Islamic Republic’s semi-official state news agency Fars reported.

“The contract to redesign Arak (heavy water) reactor with the Chinese has been finalized but talks still continue on the price,” Behrouz Kamalvandi — a spokesman of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran — was quoted as saying.

Kalmavandi also stated that a “contract in the nuclear field” would be signed during an upcoming visit by Iranian officials to the Czech Republic, calling it “cooperation [that] can be fruitful to [sic] us,” he said.

Iran has always claimed its entire nuclear program was designed for “civilian purposes,” an assertion rejected by the West.



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18 septembre 2016 7 18 /09 /septembre /2016 23:45

Security Expert: Lone-Wolf Islamist Terrorists Everywhere, Including in US, Inspired by Palestinian Attacks Against Israelis (INTERVIEW)

International security consultant and political risk analyst Dr. Joshua Gleis.

International security consultant and political risk analyst Dr. Joshua Gleis. Photo Joshuagleis.com.

Lone-wolf Islamist terrorists around the world — including in the US — are drawing inspiration from Palestinian attacks against Israelis, an international security consultant and political risk analyst told The Algemeiner on Sunday, a day after eight people were stabbed at a mall in Minnesota (for which ISIS claimed responsibility), and 29 people were wounded in a bomb blast in New York City.

“We are going to see a rise in mass stabbings and vehicle-rammings by those with Islamist leanings, because they see how effective such methods are in places like Israel and they want to mimic it,” Dr. Joshua Gleis, president of Gleis Security Consulting, predicted for The Algemeiner. “The bottom line is that people are learning from one another.”

The surge of Palestinian violence against Israelis that began a year ago has seen countless stabbing and car-ramming attacks. The latest of these, as reported by The Algemeiner, took place on Sunday morning, in a settlement south of Jerusalem.

Regarding Saturday’s mall attack in St. Cloud, Gleis said, “It was most likely homegrown. It’s not like somebody sent this guy over from Yemen to do it. It’s much more likely he was indoctrinated online, did very little training, if any at all, and went out to conduct the attack. Anybody can buy a knife.”

Gleis highlighted the tough security task this presents. “Those seeking to do us harm are trying to find ways to do so before they get caught,” he said. “And they understand that if they are part of a large plot, there is a much greater chance of getting caught.”

Law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, are taking the danger “very seriously,” Gleis said.

“The threat is evolving, and as a result, law enforcement is studying and learning to understand it,” he noted. “Law enforcement has actually been very good at thwarting many of these incidents, most of which don’t make the news. But, as the expression goes, the terrorists only have to be right once, while law enforcement has to be right every time.”

Referring to Saturday’s bombing in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, Gleis said, “The type of explosive that was used is a very common one. It is made from chemicals you can buy in a drug store. These are the easiest bombs to build and the hardest for law enforcement to find.”

In the short term, Gleis said, lone-wolf attacks in the US would likely not reach the “same scale or deadliness as we see in Europe now.” However, he cautioned, “That is something to be concerned about in the future.” And the more successful attacks there are, the more other would-be lone-wolves will be encouraged, increasing the likelihood of further attacks, Gleis said.

“Unfortunately, I think the trend is going to continue to rise, as long as people see such attacks as being effective,” he said.

In light of this threat, Gleis called for greater security vigilance. “I think it’s important that schools, houses of worship, organizations and companies take appropriate measures to help limit their exposure and mitigate their risk,” he concluded.

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15 septembre 2016 4 15 /09 /septembre /2016 06:09

Predictable : Top Iranian Military Official Issues Threat: US Forces Must Leave Persian Gulf Region ‘Before Any Problem Arises’

An Iranian Navy vessel. Photo: Erfan Kouchari via Wikimedia Commons.

An Iranian Navy vessel. Photo: Erfan Kouchari via Wikimedia Commons.

US military forces must leave the Persian Gulf region “before any problem arises,” a top Iranian military official warned, the regime-aligned news agency Tasnim reported on Tuesday.

“What has been in place in the Persian Gulf for years and has not changed is the powerful presence and intelligence supremacy (of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz,” Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards Corps Navy, reportedly said in remarks at a ceremony in the southern Iranian port city of Bushehr.

According to the report, Fadavi criticized the US Navy’s presence in the Persian Gulf, claiming that over the past three decades America has “been the cause of insecurity on regional waters.”

As reported by The Algemeiner, a US Navy coastal patrol ship was forced to change course last week after an IRGC fast-attack craft came within 100 yards of it in the Persian Gulf. This marked the fourth such incident within the past month.

And last weekend, as reported by The Algemeiner, Iran threatened to shoot down two US Navy surveillance planes that were flying over the Persian Gulf close to Iranian airspace.

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8 septembre 2016 4 08 /09 /septembre /2016 15:19

Report: Russian Archives Reveal Palestinian Authority President Was Agent of KGB

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Photo: Wikipedia.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Photo: Wikipedia.

JNS.org – Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was allegedly a KGB agent in Syria in the 1980s, the Jerusalem Post reported Wednesday on a Channel 1 news broadcast.

A 1983 document from the archive of former Russian defector and KGB operative Vasil Mitrokhin included a list of sources and agents who worked in Damascus, including a note revealing Abbas’ Russian code name “Krotov [mole].”

The list was provided to Channel 1 by Israeli researchers Isabella Ginor and Gideon Remez from Hebrew University’s Truman Institute. The researchers obtained the archive, released last year, after requesting the entire file from Cambridge University.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s special Mideast envoy, Mikhail Bogdanov, was the Soviet Union’s ambassador in Damascus in 1983. Bogdanov has been advocating this week for a meeting between Abbas and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Moscow.

It’s unclear what the nature of Abbas’s work was as an operative and whether he was an agent before or after 1983.

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8 septembre 2016 4 08 /09 /septembre /2016 03:07

Hatred of Jews at ‘Highest Level of Our Lifetimes,’ Israeli Diplomat Tells UN Antisemitism Forum

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon speaking at a monthly meeting of the Security Council on the Middle East. Photo: Twitter.

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon. Photo: Twitter.

Hatred of Jews and demonization of Israel are at “the highest level of our lifetimes,” Israel’s UN envoy warned on Monday during a high-level forum on antisemitism held by the world body at its headquarters in New York.

“Over 1/3 of European Jews are afraid to wear a yarmulke or Star of David in public,” Danny Danon said in an address to the forum. “More than half of French Jews have considered emigrating because they don’t feel safe living as Jews in France. Today we hear things about Jews and the Jewish people that we thought belonged to the pages of history…Antisemitism is returning to everyday life without shame.”

There has been a noted rise in antisemitism in Europe in recent years. In France, for example, as reported by The Algemeiner, a teacher at a high school in Paris was suspended this summer for making comments hostile to Jews on social media. And in May, The Algemeiner reported that rising antisemitism in the Paris area was forcing French Jews to move elsewhere in the country or immigrate to Israel.

On Wednesday, Danon said, “In our internet era, [hatred of Jews] has gone global. We are living in a new era and we face a new kind of antisemitism. Using the new tools of social media to demonize the Jewish people and the Jewish state, this is antisemtism 2.0…The enemies of the Jewish people are using the tools of modern technology to target and harass Jews around the world.”

Furthermore, Danon stated, “make no mistake — attacks against Jews online lead directly to attacks against Jews on the street.”

“We know from history that during times of crisis, people look for scapegoats,” Danon said. “And time and time again that scapegoat has been the Jewish people. So we have to be pro-active, we have to speak out and we have to educate our young people about the dangers of online antisemitism. And we also have to be honest. Talking is not enough. We need immediate and concrete action…Media companies have to take preventative steps.”

Danon went on to call out the UN for the antisemitism exhibited by a number of its member states. “There is a place where some are not ashamed to spread lies and slander about Israel and the Jewish people and you are sitting in it right now, here at the UN,” Danon said.

Danon also talked about the late Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie Wiesel, who passed away in July at the age of 87. The Israeli diplomat called Wiesel “a great champion of human rights and a true spokesperson for the Jewish people.”

“His spirit is guiding us here today and will guide us in the days to come,” Danon said.

The one-day forum that took place on Wednesday was a follow-up to a special General Assembly meeting on antisemitism that was convened last year. Participants in Wednesday’s event included UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, US Ambassador Samantha Power, Canadian Ambassador Marc-André Blanchard and EU Ambassador  João Vale de Almeida, among other officials.

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6 septembre 2016 2 06 /09 /septembre /2016 05:15

Rise of New Far-Right Populist Party in Germany is ‘Nightmare Come True,’ Jewish Community Leader Says


The dramatic success of a new far-right populist party in local elections in a northeastern German state on Sunday is “a nightmare come true,” a German Jewish leader said on Monday, Germany’s The Local English language news site reported.

“It is pathetic when a party — in which xenophobia, antisemitism, racism, homophobia, historical denialism and conspiracy theories are the basis for argument — can become such a strong social and political influence,” Charlotte Knobloch, president of the Jewish Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria, was quoted by The Local as saying about the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which beat German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party and came in second behind the Social Democratic party in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state elections.

Preliminary results showed that the Social Democratic Party won 30.6% of the vote, AfD received 20.8% and the Christian Democratic Union got 19%. The result was particularly embarrassing for Merkel as Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is her home state.

According to a Reuters report on the elections, the AfD, which was founded in 2013, has now won seats in nine of the 16 state assemblies in Germany. The report said the party has no chance of governing in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as other parties have ruled out forming a coalition with it.

The Local said that Knobloch further warned that the AfD, along with other far-right parties, constituted a threat to Germany’s democratic foundations.

Josef Schuster, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, was quoted as saying, “Clearly many voters are not aware or play down the fact that the AfD do not clearly distance themselves from right-wing extremists.”

The Reuters report cited a Bild newspaper poll that found AfD would win 12% of the vote — enough to make it Germany’s third largest party — if national elections were held next week.

As reported by The Algemeiner last month, the recent rise in support for far-right parties across Europe is being attributed to the Syrian refugee crisis, escalating Islamic terrorism and dissatisfaction with political elites.

“The refugee crisis speaks to a fear of aliens taking the native land,” Cas Mudde, a Dutch political scientist and an associate professor at the University of Georgia’s School for Public and International Affairs, said. “Authoritarianism is a reaction to the terrorism, and the connection made between refugees and terrorism. Populism plays into the European Union and its inability to deal with terrorism and the refugee crisis.”

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5 septembre 2016 1 05 /09 /septembre /2016 06:23

Netanyahu Among Hundreds at Funeral of Father Who Lost Battle to Retrieve Son’s Remains From Hamas

Herzl Shaul's funeral. Photo: Screenshot.

Herzl Shaul’s funeral. Photo: Screenshot.

Israel’s prime minister, defense minister, president and the IDF chief of staff were among the hundreds of mourners who gathered on Sunday to pay their last respects to the father of one of the IDF soldiers whose remains are still in the hands of Hamas, the Hebrew news site nrg reported.

Herzl Shaul died on Friday after a long battle with cancer, but eulogies at his funeral at the Poriya Cemetery focused on an equally painful fight in which he had been engaged since his son, Oron, was abducted and killed by the terrorists who run the Gaza Strip during Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014.

Another one of Shaul’s sons, Aviram, spoke about the tough – “mainly sad” — period the family has had to contend with since receiving the news about Oron’s death.

“I remember the moment that we were told that Oron was on the armored personnel carrier when his comrades were ambushed and killed by terrorists,” Aviram said. “I entered the house, which was already filled with people. I went downstairs quickly, so nobody would notice me, and you hugged me and, choking up with tears, you said, ‘How did they take our Oron? What will we do now?’ And I answered, ‘Don’t worry; it’ll be all right.’ What I didn’t realize at the time was how much more complicated the situation would grow with each passing day.’”

Aviram continued: “A few days later, we were told that Oron had not been among the soldiers killed in the ambush, and that the army was still searching for him. Then, after additional days of hope and uncertainty, they came to us and said they’d found his helmet and flak jacket in a tunnel, and ‘on the basis of our findings, he was killed and you should sit shiva for him.’”

Aviram — who was referring to the Jewish seven-day ritual mourning period for the dead that normally follows a funeral — then reprimanded the dignitaries present. “Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minister; Mr Defense Minister,” he began, going on:

My father died in pain, sorrow and remorse. He regretted that he was forced to sit shiva for his son, who was captured during Operation Protective Edge. Every day that passed, my father’s regret over sitting shiva for Oron became greater and greater. If it had been possible to turn back the wheels of time, he would not have sat shiva for his son, and we wouldn’t be burying him this evening.

Would any of you agree to sit shiva for your son based on the single piece of evidence of a bullet hole and blood stain in his helmet, and being told that, in the absence of proper medical treatment, it is doubtful he is alive? Those were the findings; nothing beyond that. You persuaded my father to sit shiva on that basis.

Addressing the man he was burying, Aviram said, “Dad, I promise you that we will leave no stone unturned; we will use all means at our disposal to understand why it was so urgent for different sources to push you to sit shiva for your son and my beloved brother, who was sent to war in Gaza and was abducted. There is no doubt that this broke you, and today you are no longer with us because of it. Everybody else can say that it was the disease that beat you, but I know that it was the issue of Oron that did it.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s eulogy included an embrace and a vow.

“You are not alone,” he said. “The whole nation is crying and hugging you with love. I came here to be at your side at this painful moment of immeasurable sorrow.”

However, he said, he also came to “look you in the eye and tell you that my commitment — and that of the government, the IDF and the state of Israel — is to return Oron and Hadar Goldin, and all our boys, home…This mission is my top priority, and I will not falter. We have met many times over the past two years, and I know what you have been going through…added to this deep and awful hole in your lives was the heart-wrenching yearning to bring Oron back to Israeli soil” for burial.

On July 20, 2014, Hamas fired an anti-tank missile at an IDF APC carrying seven soldiers, including Oron Shaul. Hamas immediately announced the capture of Shaul, claiming to have his dog tags. The IDF subsequently confirmed that Shaul’s body was not identified among the dead found inside the APC. Hamas TV broadcast news of the ostensible abduction, mocking the Shaul family’s grief. on July 25, the IDF informed the family that their son was determined to be dead.

From that time on, the Shaul family, along with the parents of Hadar Goldin, another IDF soldier killed by Hamas and whose remains have not yet been retrieved, waged a campaign to persuade the Israeli government and the international community to pressure the terrorists in Gaza into returning the boys’ bodies home for proper burial. Their most recent attempt, as The Algemeiner reported, involved the rapprochement deal between Jerusalem and Ankara. Because Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a supporter of Hamas, the Goldins hoped that Netanyahu would insist on the return of the boys as a precondition for signing the agreement. However, the agreement was drafted and signed, with no mention of Shaul and Goldin.

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1 septembre 2016 4 01 /09 /septembre /2016 02:14

‘Obama-ism’ Will Not Fade Away After President Leaves Office, Former Israeli Envoy to US Reportedly Tells Tel Aviv Gathering


Kulanu MK and Deputy Minister Michael Oren at Tuesday's Harvard Club event in Tel Aviv. Photo: Facebook.

Kulanu MK and Deputy Minister Michael Oren at Tuesday’s Harvard Club event in Tel Aviv. Photo: Facebook.

Israel will be dealing with the repercussions of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy long after he leaves the White House in January, an American-born Knesset member and former Israeli ambassador to the US said at a Harvard Club event in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, Israel’s Channel 10 reported.

Speaking to a gathering of alumni of the prestigious Massachusetts university, Kulanu MK Michael Oren, who was recently appointed as a deputy minister in charge of public diplomacy in the Prime Minister’s Office, reportedly opined that “Obama-ism” would not fade away when a new administration takes over in Washington. According to the report, Oren referred to Obama as being a symptom, not the cause, of shifting US foreign policy in the Middle East.

The US no longer wants to be the world’s policeman and is not willing to exercise significant military force in the Middle East, despite the ongoing slaughter in Syria and the related flood of refugees sweeping over Europe, Oren was quoted as saying. According to the report, Oren also noted that Americans were focused on internal affairs and the societal trends that brought Obama to office eight years ago have not changed since then.

Furthermore, Oren reportedly said Israel must internalize that America’s hands-off foreign policy will not change in the near future — something that gives Israel the ability to act more independently. While the US would continue to provide military aid to Israel, the report quoted Oren as saying, it would not necessarily come to save Israel from any mess.

In a Facebook post about Tuesday’s event, Oren wrote, “At today’s meeting with the Harvard Club Of Israel, I stressed the need to defend the state against delegitimization but also to take advantage of unprecedented opportunities in our foreign relations. Africa and Latin America are open to us as rarely before, I said, and we must devote more resources to strengthening our ties with them.”

After his recent appointment as deputy minister, Oren told The Algemeiner that Israel must improve its efforts to defend its narrative by seeking to connect emotionally with people, particularly millennials.

Oren said that because Israel “faces several unprecedented foreign-affairs challenges, such as threats to its legitimacy, the ability to defend itself and its right to exist as a sovereign Jewish state,” it must change its tactics or risk facing continued defamation.

Last summer, ahead of the publication of his book Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide, Oren sparked controversy when he accused Obama of  “deliberately” pursuing a policy that harmed US-Israeli relations.

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28 août 2016 7 28 /08 /août /2016 12:10

Former State Department Negotiator: ‘Cash-for-Prisoners’ Controversy Has Bolstered Image of Growing US Weakness in Middle East (INTERVIEW))


Former US State Department Middle East negotiator Aaron David Miller. Photo: Wilson Center.

Former US State Department Middle East negotiator Aaron David Miller. Photo: Wilson Center

The recent “cash-for-prisoners” controversy has played into the hands of Iranian hardliners and helped bolster the image of growing US weakness in the Middle East, a former US State Department Middle East negotiator told The Algemeiner on Friday.

“Let’s be clear, this was not ransom in the traditional sense,” Aaron David Miller, currently a vice president at the Wilson Center think tank in Washington, said about the transfer by the US of $400 million to Iran on the same day this past January that four Americans were released from Iranian captivity. “But I think it makes us look bad and it feeds the narrative that the Iranians have outfoxed, outmaneuvered an outnegotiated us.”

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed published earlier this week, Miller, who worked for two decades as a State Department analyst adviser — and negotiator on Middle East issues in Republican and Democratic administrations — called the Iranian regime a “force to be reckoned with” in a “region of weak Arab states, alongside a Russia willing to assert its power, and a Washington constrained by a nuclear accord that has expanded Iran’s ambitions.”

More than a year after Iran and six world powers agreed to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Miller summed up for The Algemeiner on Friday his view of what he called a “highly imperfect” deal by borrowing a line from a legendary rock star.

“Like Mick Jagger says, ‘You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes well you might find you get what you need,’” Miller said. “With the Iran deal, the Obama administration got what it needed — which was a slower, smaller and more transparent Iranian nuclear program for a discrete period of time — and the Iranians got what they wanted. Because at the end of 8-10 years, when some of the most restrictive conditions of this accord go into sunset, the Iranians will be left with very sophisticated nuclear infrastructure, that could provide a foundation, if they choose, to weaponize in the future.”

Miller went on to say, “Critics of the deal argue that we could’ve have gotten a better deal, there were too many concessions made and the deal doesn’t cover Iran’s behavior in the region. All those things are true. But if the president’s objective was to preclude a preemptive Israeli strike, make an American military strike unnecessary and prevent Iran from actually crossing the nuclear threshold on his watch, then those objectives were achieved.”

In the wake of the deal, Iran remains a “repressive” regime pursuing policies in places like Syria and Yemen that are “fundamentally at odds” with American policies, Miller said. Instead of having a moderating influence, the nuclear deal has led Iran to “toughen” its regional policies, Miller noted.

Furthermore, Miller said, he believes the Obama administration “made a decision to support Iran’s regional policies to get the nuclear accord implemented. And that’s where a lot of people find fault with the administration’s approach.”

Speaking about the nature of Tehran’s power structure, Miller said, “Authoritarian regimes change very slowly. You look at China, the Soviet Union, Vietnam, even Cuba, and what you see is that highly authoritarian ideological regimes, and Iran is both, can end up opening their systems for economic advantage while maintaining strict and tight political control at home. And so far, that’s what we see in Iran.”

Miller said that incidents like the one on Tuesday in which four small Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy craft aggressively approached a US Navy destroyer near the Strait of Hormuz suggest that the Iranians “want to challenge the US within certain parameters and ensure that whatever moderates exist within the system are boxed in.”

If Hillary Clinton is elected president in November, Miller said, “You’re going to get a defense of the deal as a pragmatic response to a problem that is now at least on the back burner, not a front-burning issue threatening war. She’d probably have tougher enforcement standards [than Obama]; she has talked much tougher on Iran than the president. And frankly, I think, had there been a Clinton presidency in 2008, there probably would have been no deal, because I think she is more hawkish on the Iran issue than the president is and less prone to consider engagement with our adversaries.”

A Donald Trump presidency, Miller predicted, would see the JCPOA “enter a death spiral.”

“Whether Trump would abrogate the accord or start to do things that would force the Iranians to react, it seems likely that during a Trump presidency the accord would over time somehow be rendered inoperative,” Miller said.

Turning to recent reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed a willingness to hold direct peace negotiations between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Miller said he was doubtful such an initiative would get off the ground.

“I think this is more to stir the pot and demonstrate that he has cards to play,” Miller said of the Russian leader. “I don’t think Putin has any illusions. He has watched the US struggle with the issue. But look, it would be something of a public-relations coup if Putin could host a meeting in Moscow between Netanyahu and Abbas, whether or not it led to serious negotiations. Putin is all about acting on the big stage in a way that makes others believe Russia is a significant power and has influence. We’ve watched him in Crimea, Ukraine, Crimea and Syria. He has played bad cards very well.”

Regarding the final months of the fraught Obama-Netanyahu relationship before a new president takes office in January, Miller said, “I’m sure Netanyahu does not trust what the Obama administration might be considering on the Israeli-Palestinian issue. There have been rumors flying around, that after the November elections,  the administration will considering trying to work out a set of parameters on final status issues, either with a UN Security Council resolution or some other arrangement — basically to create a new framework for what would constitute the international community’s preferred outcome for a two-state solution, including what to do about borders, Jerusalem, refugees. And that, I think, is Netanyahu’s fear.”

However, Miller concluded, he is “dubious” that the Obama administration would pursue such a course of action.

“If Hillary is elected, Obama would definitely have to have her consent to go through with such a thing,” Miller said. “The last thing she would want is a crisis with Netanyahu as the first act of her administration. And you’d also have to get the Russians, the Chinese, the Europeans on board — and you’d have to satisfy the Palestinians, because it would make no sense to create an international framework that was fundamentally opposed by both parties. You’d have to have something significant in there that benefited both the Israelis and the Palestinians. For the Israelis, it would be recognition of Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people. But if they put that in there, there would be language on borders and Jerusalem that would presumably drive the Israelis crazy.”

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24 août 2016 3 24 /08 /août /2016 19:07

Report: London Jewish Family Targeted by Antisemitic Abuse, Told to ‘F*** Off Back to Isra-Hell’ (VIDEO)

A British man (pictured with his two children) told a Jewish family to "f**k off and go back to Isra-hell" during an antisemitic tirade. Photo: Video Screenshot.

A British man (pictured with his two children) told a Jewish family to “f*** off back to Isra-hell” during an antisemitic tirade. Photo: Video Screenshot.

A Jewish family in east London was reportedly the target of a shocking antisemitic tirade in which they were told to “f*** off back to Isra-hell,” the UK’s Evening Standard reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, the 32-year-old father — who asked to remain anonymous — said he and his family were verbally attacked by a stranger during a family outing to the London Docklands.

A video taken by the father shows the attacker shouting antisemitic slurs at the family, and telling them, “Don’t come round here, go to Stamford Hill,” a London neighborhood with a large Jewish community. “You’re not welcome.”

The father described the attacker as a “black male walking with two young children and a woman.” He said the “abuse” began as he, his wife and six children — who range in age from a nine-week old baby to a 10-year-old — were exiting the family car.

“He came up behind us and started shouting at us to ‘f*** off back to Isra-hell’ and ‘go back to Stamford Hill.’ He was saying over and over again that we ‘weren’t welcome,’” the father told the Evening Standard.

“He was using the same words over and over again. I took my phone out and filmed it so I could show the police,” he added.

The father said his children were scared and reduced to tears, adding that small children should “never [be] subjected” to such hatred. After the incident, the family decided to abort their outing and returned home.

“All of my children were crying, even last night they were too frightened to sleep and are saying they don’t want to go out again,” he said. “As a father it makes me very sad to see that, to see my family upset in that way, it is very upsetting to me.”

A spokesman from Scotland Yard told the Evening Standard that “detectives… are investigating an allegation of antisemitic abuse which was reported to police on Monday, August 22.”

“A 32-year-old man states he was subjected to anitsemitic abuse by another man. He also alleges a group of males sat on a bench nearby who witnessed the incident also joined in,” the spokesman said. “No arrests have been made. Enquiries are ongoing.”

According to a Community Security Trust (CST) antisemitism audit released earlier this month, antisemitic incidents in Britain saw an 11 percent rise between January and June 2016, compared to the same time period last year.  

CST — a British charity that has been monitoring anti-Jewish behavior since 1984 — said the most common antisemitic hate crimes recorded involved verbal abuse directed at Jewish people in public settings.

Watch footage of the disturbing incident below:

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  • : Regard d'un Ecrivain sur le Monde
  • Regard d'un Ecrivain sur le Monde
  • : Cherchant les points communs entre les peuples, les nations et les religions pour creer un monde meilleur...et une paix durable.
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  • écrivain, née à Marrakech, Maroc, qui cherche une voie pour rapprocher les coeurs et les ames.
  • écrivain, née à Marrakech, Maroc, qui cherche une voie pour rapprocher les coeurs et les ames.



Pimprenelle Pourprée