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14 septembre 2017 4 14 /09 /septembre /2017 05:52

Israelis Demanded McMaster/Obama NSC Pro-Terrorist Muslim Appointee Leave Meeting


This is only a report. But it unfortunately fits with far too much of what has been happening at the NSC. McMaster has purged supporters of the foreign policy that Trump ran on while retaining and elevating Obama holdovers. The NSC is at the center of a political conflict that keeps getting uglier. And it's now reportedly impacting our ability to coordinate with our allies.

During the week of August 27, an Israeli delegation met with members of the National Security Council (NSC) at the White House to discuss the current threat to Israel by the terror group Hezbollah.

Israel believes this threat is currently dire. This meeting preceded a two-week long Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) exercise to rehearse for possible war with Hezbollah. The Jerusalem Post described this exercise, which commenced on September 4 and is ongoing, as the IDF’s largest in 20 years.

Hezbollah has been a U.S.-designated Foreign Terrorist Organization since 1997. However, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster reportedly brought NSC Senior Director on Counter-Terrorism Mustafa Javed Ali to the White House meeting with Israel. Ali, a McMaster appointee, is described by a senior administration source as being "opposed to Hezbollah’s designation as a terrorist organization."

What then transpired at the meeting has been confirmed to PJ Media by several administration sources, by members of non-governmental organizations involved in national security, and by a source within the Israeli government.

The Israeli delegation demanded that Mustafa Javed Ali leave the room.

Such a demand would very nearly have been unprecedented. It means, point blank, that the Israelis were saying they don't trust the security of any meeting with Ali in it.

We've been talking a lot about leaks coming out of the NSC. This is far worse than a mere leak. It's a major ally declaring that it doesn't trust the security of the NSC. 

And we have a major problem when the  NSC Senior Director on Counter-Terrorism is suspected of playing for the other team. The NSC has become dangerously toxic under McMaster. And that's poisoning the policy well.

Earlier this year, Ali was rumored to have caused the cancellation of a scheduled talk to the NSC by Ayaan Hirsi Ali on account of her "Islamophobia."... Sources within the Trump administration have confirmed to PJMedia that this rumor about Mustafa Javed Ali was correct: Mrs. Ali had been invited to speak to the NSC. She was later disinvited due to Javed Ali's interference.

I have heard the same report.

Yet senior administration sources are far less charitable about McMaster and his appointee Mustafa Javed Ali. As mentioned above, they described Ali as taking the breathtaking position that Hezbollah should not be a U.S.-designated foreign terrorist organization. They described Ali as holding the same view regarding the Muslim Brotherhood.

They claimed Ali's work within the NSC essentially amounts to him attempting to prevent the Trump administration from using any of the means at its disposal to target Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood as organizations. They claimed Ali advocates only targeting such groups' identifiably "violent" members, and ignoring all other elements of their activities that may be subversive of U.S. interests.

And this is undermining our national security and taking us back to the Obama era in more ways than one.

Friction between General McMaster and the Israeli delegation did not end with Israel’s demand that Ali leave the room.

Sources reported that McMaster went on to explicitly dismiss the Israelis’ specific concerns about Hezbollah.

In particular, the Israelis expressed concern that the “safe zone” currently being established within Syria -- an idea that had been vociferously supported by Hezbollah’s sponsor, Iran -- would immediately become a safe zone for Hezbollah to operate.

McMaster was said to “blow off” this major Israeli concern, and to be "yelling at the Israelis" during the meeting.

This seems to be fairly commonplace behavior by McMaster with officials in the administrations. Why should the Israelis be any different?

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13 septembre 2017 3 13 /09 /septembre /2017 06:14

‘Inshallah, We Will See the Black Flag of Islam over Big Ben and Downing Street’


The children are our future. Teach them welll and let them behead the way.

An imam who encouraged his congregation including children to join Islamic State told them martyrdom was better than school or college, a court heard yesterday.

The Islamic education system leaves something to be desired. For its students and for their victims.

On September 2 last year, he allegedly told nine children and 35 adults that martyrdom was the ‘supreme success’, greater than any other such as school or college.

Being a dead serial killer is the greatest thing ever, Just ask Mohammed.

‘The kuffar [unbelievers] will attack you and kill you,’ he added. ‘Stand up and be ready to sacrifice, be ready to stand in the face of the elements of shaytan [satan], be ready to spill blood and have your blood spilt.’

If they did go to college, they would fit right in at Berkeley or Evergreen State.

On August 5 last year, he is claimed to have told his congregation that ‘mujahideen’ [holy warriors] ‘take over a land, they stand a black flag, and establish the law of Allah over the necks of the people, whether they like it or don’t like it’ and ‘nobody – not the Queen, not the Prime Minister – can say that you are not allowed to establish the law of Allah’.

The sermon echoed a recording Hussain had apparently made at a demonstration saying: ‘Inshallah [Allah willing], we will see the black flag of Islam over Big Ben and Downing Street’.

This is the theological center of Islamic colonialism. Islamic territories must expand to impose the law of Allah. The Dar-al-Harb must be subdued. And so there is endless war and violence.

The ruthless theological logic of Islam requires that more places and people fall under the sway of Islam. And so the black flag must fly over London, Paris, Barcelona and New York.

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13 septembre 2017 3 13 /09 /septembre /2017 05:56

President of Mosque Linked to World Trade Center Bombing Orders Erasure of 9/11 College Memorial


It never ends.The Jihad against America. Against our values, our culture and even our honored dead.

Tiffany Roberts, chapter president of CSU’s Turning Point USA club, told The College Fix that members of the chapter gathered around 6 p.m. Sunday evening to chalk a 9/11 tribute onto the sidewalks of the public university to honor those killed in the terrorist attacks. Roberts said that around 7:45 a.m. Monday morning, a university employee arrived at the memorial with a power washer and removed the memorial.

“When we asked why he was destroying our tribute to the victims of 9/11, [the employee] informed us that he had been ordered to do so by the university’s Director of Facilities Maintenance, Shehadeh Abdelkarim,” Roberts said.

As Lauren Cooley at Red Alert Politics points out, Shehadeh Abdelkarim is the President of the Islamic Center of Cleveland.

The Islamic Center of Cleveland had its own controversial past.

On June 18, 2004, Fawaz Damrah, then imam of the Islamic Center of Cleveland, was convicted of unlawfully obtaining his United States citizenship through a false or fraudulent application.[1] Damrah concealed from the INS his membership in and/or affiliation with: (1) Afghan Refugees Services, Inc., aka Al-Kifah Refugee Center; (2) Palestinian Islamic Jihad, aka the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine; and (3) Islamic Committee for Palestine (ICP).Damrah was sentenced to two-months in prison, four months of in home confinement, three years of supervised release and stripped of his citizenship

At his mosque, Damrah openly raised money for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, telling a 1991 fundraiser that Sami Al-Arian's Islamic Committee for Palestine (ICP) was "the active arm of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine. We preferred to call it the 'Islamic Committee for Palestine' for security reasons. Two years earlier, Damra attended an ICP conference in Chicago, where he argued "terrorism, and terrorism alone, is the path to liberation" for Palestinians

Damrah was also named a possible co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing trial

So we have the president of a mosque whose Imam was named a possible co-conspirator in the World Trade Center bombing trial, who was affiliated with the Al-Kifah Refugee Center, 

Things didn't get much better with the successor Imam at the Islamic Center of Cleveland who called for murdering the Jews. And not just.

Remember that in Islam, the struggle of a nation to free itself from tyranny and oppression is also considered Jihad. Unfortunately, the world now considers such movements as terrorism and the people who try to free themselves as terrorists. Islam believes that people have the right to defend themselves even from oppressors like Israel, Russia and India.

So we've got a university covering up the erause of a 9/11 memorial at the command of a leader of a mosque linked to Al Qaeda, the World Trade Center bombing and racist Islamic terror.

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30 août 2017 3 30 /08 /août /2017 06:12

Jewish Leftists March With Anti-Semitic Sharpton Against Trump


Another reminder that leftist activists with Jewish last names have absolutely no regard for Jews and don't object to anti-Semitism when it comes from their allies on the left.

“If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house.” Al Sharpton

The Crown Heights Pogrom terrorized a Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn. 3 people died. Two of them were murdered. One was a Jewish visitor from Australia named Yankel Rosenbaum. The other was an Italian man mistaken for an Orthodox Jew because of his hat. A Holocaust survivor who saw the racist mob swarming outside committed suicide.

And Al Sharpton got to speak at the Democratic National Convention. Then he got a gig at MSNBC.

As you read this, remember that leftists are not Jews. They're leftists with Jewish last names.

The glowing coverage comes from Dana Milbank at the Washington Post. "What did it take to finally unite Al Sharpton and Jews? Donald Trump."

Let's savor this "modern day miracle" in which a Jew-hating racist and Jew-hating Jews march together.

By "Jews", Dana Milbank means a handful of leftists who have zero regard for Jewish lives. Who would walk over a heap of Jewish corpses for social justice. That's what this disgusting farce is. But leftists invariably claim to speak for everyone.

Miserable human garbage like Dana Milbank and his radical leftist political allies claim to speak for "the Jews". Not the Jews who were beaten in Crown Heights. Not those who were terrorized by racist mobs. But the New York Times reporters and other media types who covered it up and then rallied to get the vote out for Mayor Dinkins.

Call them, the Anti-Jews.

Here's Dana Milbank again...

Sharpton has been a controversial figure in the Jewish community for decades, earning criticism during the Crown Heights riot in 1991 and when he called a Jewish landlord in Harlem a “white interloper” before a deadly attack on the man’s store in 1995.

But that was long ago,

That was long ago. What's a few corpses, not just Jewish ones, but Latino bodies, between pals.

Over twenty years ago, five young Latino women were among the seven victims of a fire. They were in their late teens and early twenties. They were mothers and daughters. One had two young boys at home. She might have been watching them get married today. Another helped support her mother. 

Sharpton had vowed, “We will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business”. And he and his National Action Network were true to their word.

Last year, Obama spoke at the National Action Network. But back then, Sharpton’s lieutenant, Morris Powell, headed the Buy Black Committee with the National Action Network and chanted, “Don’t give the Jew a dime” outside Freddy’s Fashion Mart. Other protesters shouted, “Burn, Cracker, burn.”

But that was long ago. Right, Dana.  Right, gang. Let's savor this modern day miracle in which a Jew-hating racist and Jew-hating Jews march together.

 The civil rights leader, joined by Martin Luther King III, stopped in at a pre-march prayer session held by the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, and addressed the assembly of 300 rabbis, cantors and lay leaders.

This is the same Religious Action Center which made a point of boycotting Trump. Here's what they do embrace.

An NBC film crew that was in Crown Heights to cover the concert captured the jeering, explosion of glass bottles2 and the rioting. The agitation and crowds increased all evening until someone reportedly shouted, “Let’s go to Kingston Avenue and get a Jew!”

A number of black youths set off toward the predominantly Jewish area of Kingston Avenue, half-a-mile westward. All along the way, the mob — that was nearing 400 — vandalized property and heaved rocks and bottles. When they encountered a storefront with a mezuzah they smashed the windows, and when a car was identified as Jewish-owned (usually by a bumper sticker) it was torched.3

Charles Price, megaphone in hand, declared, “We’ve got to kill Jews, they’re killing our kids!” Other racial hucksters echoed via bull horn, “We’re taking back our streets!”

On the third day of disturbances, Al Sharpton and Sonny Carson led a march of protesters chanting, “No Justice, No Peace!,” “Death to the Jews!” and “Whose streets? Our streets!” The mob displayed anti-Semitic signs and burned an Israeli flag.

When any Democrat embraces Sharpton, and every presidential candidate now does, this is the rabid murderous anti-Semitism they endorse. Never forget.

Jewish leaders applauding Al Sharpton? Who knew? “Miracles out of a mess,” proclaimed Reconstructionist Rabbi Malka Binah Klein of Philadelphia.

This is what they support. Never forget.

“On Aug. 21, as I stood in a group of Hasidic men in front of the Lubavitch headquarters, a group of demonstrators were coming down Eastern Parkway. ‘Heil Hitler,’ they chanted. ‘Death to the Jews.’ Police in riot gear stood nearby but did nothing.

“Suddenly rocks and bottles started to fly toward us and a Hasidic man just a few feet away from me was hit in the throat and fell to the ground. 

Never forget. This is what the Democrats and their allies, from Dana Milbank to the Religious Action Center, embrace. Never forget.

A cantor led the crowd in the Hebrew song “Hine Ma Tov” — how good it is for brothers to live as one. A black Jewish woman in a tallit — a Jewish prayer shawl — spoke, and a rabbi blew a shofar. A black Catholic nun spoke.

Here's the truth behind this obscene hijacking of Judaism by Jew-hating leftists.

Yankel Rosenbaum wasn't the only person murdered by the rioters. On September 5th, Italian-American Anthony Graziosi, was dragged out of his car, brutally beaten and stabbed to death because his full beard and dark clothing caused him to be mistaken for a Hasidic Jew. During the funeral of Gavin Cato on August 26th, Al Sharpton gave an anti-Semitic eulogy, which fueled the fires of hatred.

“The world will tell us he was killed by accident. Yes, it was a social accident. ... It's an accident to allow an apartheid ambulance service in the middle of Crown Heights. ... Talk about how Oppenheimer in South Africa sends diamonds straight to Tel Aviv and deals with the diamond merchants right here in Crown Heights. The issue is not anti-Semitism; the issue is apartheid. ... All we want to say is what Jesus said: If you offend one of these little ones, you got to pay for it. No compromise, no meetings, no kaffe klatsch, no skinnin' and grinnin'. Pay for your deeds."

Sharpton never did pay. Nor did his leftist Jew-hating supporters who cavort with him.

“God’s majestic creation,” observed Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner, head of the Religious Action Center. 

Jonah Geffen, a conservative rabbi from New York, in white robe and tallit, liked what he heard. He pronounced Sharpton “a totally different man” from the Sharpton of old.

Joining Sharpton’s march was Jesse Jackson, of “Hymietown” fame. 

Of course he was.

This is what the left is. Never forget.

"'What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto Me from the ground." (Bereishis 4:10)

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16 août 2017 3 16 /08 /août /2017 06:48

US Taxpayer Funded Palestinian Authority Boss Congratulates North Korea


The head of America's welfare terrorist organization is at it again.

The guy Israel is supposed to turn over major parts of its country to keeps reminding everyone that he heads a terrorist group that's hostile to America. Not only is the PLO on the same page as Hamas, as Abbas has insisted, not only is it an Islamic terrorist group, but Abbas picked an interesting time to convey his good wishes to North Korea.

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas today sent congratulations to the ruler of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, in honor of the country's Liberation Day. In the statement released by WAFA, the official PA news agency, Abbas wished Jong-un "all health and happiness."

Abbas wished "the Korean people continued stability and prosperity; and that the historical friendly relations between Palestine and North Korea and their two peoples will continue to develop and grow."

And then maybe North Korea might pass along some of its nukes to the PLO.

As the Palestinian Media Watch report notes, Abbas also sent congratulations to Iran. And his message to North Korea is really something.

The president said in a greeting telegram for the occasion that the Korean people sacrificed the most precious sacrifices for its freedom and honor, and expressed appreciation for the solidary and stable positions of Korea supporting the rights of our people and its just struggle to end the occupation and establish our independent state and its capital of East Jerusalem - the surest guarantee of realizing a just peace that all peoples of the region seek.

That's Abbas celebrating the other side in the Korean War, endorsing a totalitarian regime's mass murder of its people, because North Korea supports the PLO.

The only question is why American taxpayers have to fund this deranged Islamic terror state. Maybe North Korea can step in and take over.

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16 août 2017 3 16 /08 /août /2017 06:46

Iran: We Could Be Closer to a Nuke Than Before Obama Deal in HOURS


The Goebbelsian campaign by Obama Inc's Ben Rhodes, Ploughshares, Rockefeller Brothers and others told a lie repeatedly. Their Big Lie was that Iran's program was somehow getting locked up. It wasn't. 

The monitoring of Iran's nuclear program is effectively worthless. And while McMaster keeps Obama holdovers embedded in key positions at the NSC while firing those, like Derek Harvey, who had a plan to deal with it, we are more crippled than ever in our ability to come to grips with it.

Meanwhile even Obama, in a rare moment of near honesty, had admitted that at a point in the timeline of the deal, Iran would have a zero breakout time to a bomb.

“What is a more relevant fear would be that in Year 13, 14, 15, they have advanced centrifuges that enrich uranium fairly rapidly, and at that point, the breakout times would have shrunk almost down to zero,” Obama said.

And that's if you believe Obama. The claim that he made about materials limits in that same interview was already shown to be a lie.

Meanwhile Iran is boasting that it could be further along to a bomb in hours than it was before the disastrous Obama terror nuke sellout.

"If America wants to go back to the experience (of imposing sanctions), Iran would certainly return in a short time -- not a week or a month but within hours -- to conditions more advanced than before the start of negotiations," Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told a session of parliament broadcast live on state television.

Which is to say, that Iran's nuclear program is moving forward. The nuke deal didn't stop its program. It protected it and in some ways even accelerated it.

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16 août 2017 3 16 /08 /août /2017 06:44

Washington Post: "Start Throwing Rocks"


This comes after the Washington Post ran a piece glamorizing left-wing thugs. Now Jeff Bezos' social justice tabloid continues hitting new lows in its war against civil society. 

Today's entry is a cutesy Black Nationalist piece by Nathan D. B. Connolly, a History professor at Johns Hopkins who writes "about racism, capitalism, politics". Even though Connolly is on sabbatical, Hopkins' The Hub decided to promote his rant. It's also on the AP wire.

I'm not going to waste a lot of time taking it apart as I might have in some other context. It's the usual Black Nationalist bundle of revisionist history combined with "insights" about the evils of capitalism. And the failure of a liberal society to achieve his prefered objectives.

The whole thing is built around a "rock, paper, scissors" framing metaphor. But the metaphor is an obvious dog whistle.

The title is, "Charlottesville showed that liberalism can't defeat white supremacy. Only direct action can."

The conclusion is, "Segregationists have again assumed their pedestals in the Justice Department, the White House and many other American temples. Paper alone won't drive them out. Start throwing rocks."

There's enough plausible deniability that Connonlly can pretend that the "rocks" are a metaphor. Except no one is really that stupid.

"Resistance, be it forceful or clandestine, threatened or explicit, stands as our "rock." Rocks can look like armed self-defense or nonviolent direct-action campaigns."

 "Then, in April 1968, amid a flurry of other "rocks," riots shook American cities following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. It took that rolling unrest, not the promise of further economic growth, to spur President Lyndon Johnson and Congress to action. Within a week they had passed the Fair Housing Act."

The "rock" is a metaphor for, among other things, violence. That's the same game the political arms of terrorist groups play.


We have the Washington Post running an editorial calling for street violence. 

That's a crime. We have very specific laws about inciting violence. It's time that they were applied. 

The left has shown that it will not control its extremists. Instead it champions them. Conservatives have three options.

1. Back street violence in return. Which effectively moves us toward a civil war and dissolution of civil society. 

2. Ignoring the violence and letting the left get away with it.

3. Legal sanctions against those engaging in violence and those behind the violence

Door number 3 is scary. But numbers 1 and 2 are not viable options unless we want to wreck the country. 

I don't believe any court will hold the Washington Post accountable for this, but it would send a forceful message that there is a price to pay for inciting violence.

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31 juillet 2017 1 31 /07 /juillet /2017 05:35

Obama Inc Made Hundreds of Unmasking Requests, Targeted Trump Officials


Here's the latest from Devin Nunes. And here's the most relevant part of it.

"This Committee has learned that one official, whose position had no apparent intelligence-related function, made hundreds of unmasking requests during the final year of the Obama Administration. Of those requests, only one offered a justification that was not boilerplate and articulated why that specific official required the U.S. person information for the perfomrnace of his or her official duties."

This is allegedly Samantha Power.

"The Committee also understands that Obama-era officials sought the identities of Trump transition officials within intelligence reports. However there was no meaningful explanation offered by these officials as to why they needed or how they would use this U.S. person information... more pointedly, some of these requests for unminimized U.S. person information were followed by anonymous leaks of those names to the media."

So, despite the left's attacks, the push by Obama holdovers to take down Nunes and Watnick-Cohen, the investigation is moving closer to the culprits. 

It would certainly be fascinating if Samantha Power turns out to be the lever that takes down Obama Inc in its own Watergate. Except this isn't merely Watergate. It's Watergate x 10,000.

What we're dealing with is a massive conspiracy by Obama people to sabotage, shut down and undermine their successors through a variety of dirty tactics. This was one of the worst of them. The ongoing campaign is filling the media, it's coating the interior of government with Obama holdovers and the abuses here are at the nerve point of the scandal.

Obama Inc. has had America on the defensive. The key to winning lies in going on the offense and exposing one of the worst abuses in the campaign. 

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31 juillet 2017 1 31 /07 /juillet /2017 05:34

Iraqi Gunman Opens Fire in German Nightclub


This latest incident comes after a "Palestinian" refugee stabbed six people in a Hamburg supermarket. The authorities have tried to blame that on "mental instability" even though he shouted, "Allahu Akbar" and was a known Jihadist.

In this latest attack, an Iraqi settler who had apparently been living in Germany for some time opened fire with an M16 in the city of Konstanz. The shooter was apparently the son-in-law of the nightclub's owner. The doorman was killed and a number of others, including a police officer, were wounded. The killer was shot and killed.

The authorities are blaming personal motives. And that's not impossible. But the authorities also have zero credibility when it comes to Islamic violence in Europe.

But either way, Islamic settler crime and violence, are two sides of the same coin. The central cause is still immigration. And as we have seen in the past, criminality easily feeds into terrorism. Plenty of terrorists have criminal backgrounds. And the simple solution is common sense immigration reform that ends traffic from high violence nations.

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27 juillet 2017 4 27 /07 /juillet /2017 05:30

The New York Times is a Disaster


The decline and fall of media standards continues. The New York Times is bringing in the money with Trump fake news that panders to the left. But at the cost of destroying its standards. 

Working for the ole gray lady is not a fun job.

As one editor put it, “The mood at the paper is poisonous in a way I’ve never seen it in the past 15 years.” The ostensible reason is that the Times is undergoing yet another round of buyouts, set to be finalized on Thursday. “Every buyout is tense,” the editor continued, “but there’s something really demoralizing about this one that’s been worse than any before.”...

Additionally, the Times’s midtown Manhattan headquarters is itself being upended, shrinking by eight floors and leaving all but the highest of editors without private offices. 

Class has its privileges.

But  the Times is continuing its long march to become an online publication with an old brand. That means getting rid of more and more office personnel. And especially the copy desk. Because who cares about facts or style anymore.

In the reorganization, the copy desk is being eliminated as a freestanding entity. A smaller number of copy editors will be absorbed by different departments such as culture, metro, sports, etc. The Times’s 109 copy editors were invited to re-apply for jobs under the new system, and those who didn’t make the cut were encouraged to apply for buyout packages that also were offered to reporters and other editors. “Our goal with these changes is to still have more than one set of eyes on a story, but not three or four,” Baquet wrote in a Q&A with readers earlier this month. “We have to streamline that system and move faster in the digital age.” (Despite the dozens of positions that are being eliminated, the paper’s headcount of around 1,300 won’t change much. The money saved will be used to create 100 new positions for reporters and visual journalists. Investigative reporters will be a priority, according to the Times.)

Fewer copy editors, but more "investigative journalists" to pump out fake news hit pieces.

Not that it really matters. The Times has a terrible track record of acknowledging its fake news problem. CNN did a better job when the Timesian it hired to go after the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory had to resign. He would have stayed on at the Times.

But all this is telling of the descent of the media. The old standards don't matter much. Infotainment and lefty conspiracy theories are where it's at. And that's where the Times is at.

The streamlined system has been given the somewhat Orwellian-sounding designation of “strong editing,” in which “strong editors” will be the chief cooks and bottle-washers, responsible for every aspect of an article from structure to social-media presentation. Essentially, it’s a New York Times version of the editing process that has evolved at most Web-first news organizations, where editors have to be jacks-of-all-trades. For the Times,however, it’s a complex and nuanced shift. Someone intimately acquainted with the process boiled it down for me like this: in the old model, each story got two-and-a-half edits; in the new model, each story gets one-and-a-half edits, with more emphasis on a story’s digital presentation as opposed to its placement in the print edition.

The overall goal is the social media sell. The actual quality doesn't really matter. Welcome to the new media.

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