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Thérèse Zrihen-Dvir

Regard d'un écrivain sur le Monde

19 juillet 2017 3 19 /07 /juillet /2017 07:01

"First Somali" Officer Mohamed Noor Murdered Australian Woman


This is what happens when you put diversity over public safety. 

Justine Damond, an Australian woman, called 911 to report a sexual assault happening nearby. Instead she was murdered by Mohammed Noor, a Somali migrant with multiple complaints against him after only two years on the force.

And body cameras weren't turned on.

Mohammed Noor was a diversity hire. Part of the usual pattern of community policing bringing in recruits who match the demographics of local areas. This isn't always a bad idea. Until problematic figures have their problems swept under the rug because... diversity.

Mohamed Noor had little more than two years’ experience on the force.

Noor and his partner, whose cameras were not turned on during the shooting, have been placed on paid administrative leave.

Minneapolis’ Star Tribune reports the partner, who did not fire any shots, as being officer Matthew Harrity who received his badge just a year ago.

Noor joined the Minneapolis Police Department in March 2015 and is the first Somali-American police officer assigned to the 5th Precinct in the southwest part of the city.

In total, he reportedly has had three complaints made against him in two years — including the lawsuit.

Two are from 2017 and one from 2016 is closed and according to Lou Raguse of Kare 11 is marked ‘not to be made public’.

The two incidents we know about involved women. Including this latest one. And that's a distinct pattern. And a very predictable one.

Ms Damond, dressed in her pyjamas, reportedly approached the driver’s side window of the police car when it arrived in the alley and officer Noor shot across his partner at Ms Damond more than once from the passenger seat.

Firing from inside a car. And across your own partner. At a woman wearing pajamas who had reported a sexual assault.

“This was not a woman who would have presented any kind of threat to police. She was a gentle, loving person,” said Joan Hargrave, who lived down the street and befriended Ms Damond a year ago through a shared love of dogs.

She didn't present a threat to police. But maybe she represented a threat to the Somali mindset and the Islamic psyche.

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19 juillet 2017 3 19 /07 /juillet /2017 06:59

Israeli Metal Detectors Intercept Muslim Prayers to Allah


Israeli technology really is impressive.

You've heard that Iron Dome can intercept Muslim terrorist rockets. But apparently Israel now has metal detectors that can intercept Muslim prayers to Allah.

NRG/Maariv reported today that the Mufti of Jerusalem has issued a new religious edict for Muslims on Monday: Any Muslim who goes to the Temple Mount to pray at the Mosques, and enters via the Zionist metal detectors, their prayers will be “invalid” and not be received by Allah.

The Zionist metal detectors were installed as a security measure after last Friday’s fatal terrorist attack when 3 Arab terrorists shot and killed 2 Israeli policeman at the Holy site, using weapons they smuggled in and stored at the Mosques on the Temple Mount.

Maybe Israeli metal detectors wouldn't stop Islamic prayers if these prayers didn't seem to involve shooting and stabbing non-Muslims. 

But apparently metal detectors are an un-Islamic religious practice and incompatible with Islam.

Wa’al, another resident of the Muslim Quarter, said that the new security measures are an act of war not only against the Palestinian people, but the entire Muslim world.

He added that if the Jews thought they had it bad wandering in the desert for 40 years, dealing with Palestinians will cause the Jews to suffer “for another hundred years.”

When the prayer ended, a group of women chanted: “Al-Aksa is ours,” and “Muhammad’s army and sword shall return.”

Religion of peace. And no metal detectors.

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4 juillet 2017 2 04 /07 /juillet /2017 15:49

President Trump is Trying to Help Charlie Gard With a Lot More Than a Tweet


Charlie Gard is a British baby whose death was ordered by the British system of Socialized medicine and by the European Court of Human Rights over the appeals of the parents to seek treatment in the United States. The parents had raised the funds to seek treatment, but the European Socialist system insisted on death for the ill child instead.

The media has largely reported on President Trump's tweeted offer of support to the parents of Charlie Gard while dismissing it as a publicity stunt. Except that it actually reflects policy happening at the highest levels.

According to Helen Ferre, director of media affairs at the White House, "Upon learning of baby Charlie Gard's situation, President Trump has offered to help the family in this heartbreaking situation. Although the President himself has not spoken to the family, he does not want to pressure them in any way, members of the administration have spoken to the family in calls facilitated by the British government. The President is just trying to be helpful if at all possible."

That's a lot more than a Tweet. It means there have been high level contacts. It means that the British government is aware that this is more than a Tweet, it's policy. And the British government these days is generally interested in maintaining a positive relationship.

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19 juin 2017 1 19 /06 /juin /2017 11:40

Hamas and ISIS Argue Over Credit for Stabbing Israeli Policewoman


In the sinkhole of moral depravity inhabited by Islamic terrorists, pedophiles and serial killers (but I repeat myself) there are vital issues at stake. Such as which "lion of the caliphate" stabbed a 23-year-old Israeli policewoman to death.

Hadas Malka, a 23-year-old Border Police officer, was murdered in a combined shooting and stabbing attack in Jerusalem’s Old City on Friday evening.

Four other people were wounded, among them two moderately and one lightly.

The attack took place around 7:30 p.m. on Friday evening, when two terrorists armed with knives and rifles attacked people at Zedekiah's Cave. They were shot dead by security forces.

A third terrorist stabbed Malka, who was stationed at the Damascus Gate. He, too, was eliminated by security forces.

Malka, who suffered critical injuries, was evacuated to the Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital, where she later succumbed to her wounds.

Then the rush was on to take credit for murdering a 23-year-old Jewish woman. First ISIS claimed credit...

The Islamic State (ISIS) on Friday night claimed responsibility for the stabbing and shooting attack in the Old City of Jerusalem, in which 23-year-old Border Police officer Hadas Malka was murdered.

According to the SITE Intelligence Group, ISIS identified the attackers and referred to them as “lions of the Caliphate”.

It takes real "lions" to stab an Israeli woman. 

Initially Hamas played it cool. 

In a statement, Hamas said that “the attack in Jerusalem is renewed proof of the continued revolution of the people against the occupier, and that the intifada continues until full freedom is attained.”

Freedom being the genocide of non-Muslims and tyranny for Muslims.

But once ISIS took credit, Hamas demanded credit.

Hamas on Saturday rejected the Islamic State (ISIS) group's claim of Friday's terrorist attack in Jerusalem, in which 23-year-old Border Police officer Hadas Malka was murdered.

Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman for Hamas, told the Palestinian Arab news agency Safa that the perpetrators of the “operation” were two “fighters” from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and that the third terrorist was a member of Hamas.

Unless he was a member of ISIS.

And thus we have the Gazan Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic State arguing which of them should get credit for stabbing a 23-year-old Jewish woman.

This is the glory of Islam. These are the lions of the caliphate. Or the jackals of the Jihad.

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7 juin 2017 3 07 /06 /juin /2017 08:13

Before the Free Palestine Shirt, Sears Sold Swastikas


Sears has a serious quality control problem. Online behemoths like Amazon move massive quantities of merchandise by allowing third party sellers to sell nearly everything through it, including counterfeit clothing, with very little quality control. Major big box retailers like Walmart and Sears have tried to compete by doing the same thing. 

The trouble with opening the doors to third party sellers is that they decide to list things like swastika jewelry or a Free Palestine shirt.

The message of the swastika and free Palestine is the same. Jewish genocide. Both have symbols of nationalistic anti-Semitism. The latter is linked to Islamic terrorism as well.Last time Sears issued an extensive apology and promised better quality control.
When we became aware of the existence of these offensive items, we immediately prevented the items from being purchased on the site and then proceeded to remove them from the site yesterday (October 13, 2014). We are also in the process of removing related, offensive items from our site.

All Marketplace Sellers must accept our seller agreement terms in order to sell their items on sears.com, that allow us to remove anything offensive. We promptly contacted the Sellers to strongly voice our concern over their incredible lack of judgment.

The "Free Palestine" shirt is listed as coming from Spreadshirt. It seems as if Sears needs to have a talk with Spreadshirt.

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3 juin 2017 6 03 /06 /juin /2017 18:15

The Paris Climate Agreement is Worthless in Every Possible Way


1. If you believe, as Trump voters do, that the Green Panic is a convenient foil to shift money into the pockets of certain energy industries and banking interests at the expense of traditional industries while centralizing government control over everything, the Paris Agreement should have been trashed on Day 1. It shouldn't have even taken this long.

2. If you do believe the Climate sky is falling, then the agreement failed to do anything useful except waste a lot of energy and blow a lot of hot air. It was the definition of greenwashing. It allowed politicians to posture, much like Obama's deal with China, while doing nothing about the supposed crisis that its proponents claim to believe in.

If you're in column 1 or 2, the Paris agreement is better off dead. Column 1 is self-explanatory. Column 2 would be that a real agreement that does something would be far better.

Trump is doing to the Paris Agreement what he did to TPP. He's trashing a bad deal that no one really liked and that wouldn't achieve its supposed goals. He's being the heavy because no one else has the guts to stand up and say "No".

And even those in column 2 who believe that the polar bears are about to perish because Steve is eating a hamburger in Iowa and Julie is taking a plane trip to Denmark ought to thank him for it.

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29 mai 2017 1 29 /05 /mai /2017 10:06

UK Investigated 23,000 "Lone Wolves" for Terrorism


There certainly are a lot of these lone wolves. Enough to make a small town. When your lone wolves can fill a football stadium, you don't have a lone wolf problem. You have an invasion to deal with.

As many as 23,000 people have appeared on the radar of counter-terror agencies, according to new figures laying bare the scale of the potential threat.

In the wake of the Manchester suicide bombing it emerged that British authorities were grappling with 500 investigations into 3,000 individuals.

On Friday security sources confirmed to the Press Association a further 20,000 individuals were said to have been considered "subjects of interest" in the past, although the period the figures cover is unclear.

And those are just the knowns. Imagine the unknowns.

In the United States, the problem is still a fraction of that scale. But as Islamic migration increases, the problems will only get worse. Bringing more potential terrorists to a country has never made things better.

But by way of contrast, the Greater Manchester Police, which would have been expected to stop Salman Abedi, the second-generation Muslim refugee terrorist responsible for the Manchester Arena attack, has a total of 6,500 police officers.

It's not hard to spot the problem.

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23 mai 2017 2 23 /05 /mai /2017 07:31

Illegal King of "Palestine" Blames All the Problems of the Muslim World on the Jews


The more things change, the more they stay exactly the same.

“No injustice has spread more bitter fruit than the absence of a Palestinian state,” Jordan’s King Abdullah told Trump on Sunday at the Arab Islamic American Summit in Riyadh. “This is the core issue for our region, and it has driven radicalism and instability beyond our region and into the Muslim world.” The only way forward is a “just and comprehensive settlement of the Palestinian cause, based on the two-state solution and the Arab Peace Initiative."

A just and comprehensive solution would be for Abdullah to move to Beverly Hills where he can spend all his time visiting Universal Studios. And seeing if he can get any more guest spots on Star Trek. While the PLO and Hamas get their Palestinian state in the original spot, Jordan. 

It wouldn't really be comprehensive or just. But more so than Abdullah having the chutzpah to claim that the lack of a PLO state is the core injustice and drives radicalism and instability in a region in which Sunnis and Shiites are killing each other from Yemen to Iraq, and ISIS is massacring Christians and Yazidi.

But it's always convenient for these tinpot monarchs to blame the terrorism they feed on the Jews. 

Meanwhile Abdullah refuses to provide proper residency to the "Palestinians" in the country he illegally rules because it would mean that he would have no choice but to take the fastest plane in his stable out of the country.

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16 mai 2017 2 16 /05 /mai /2017 07:45

The Real Story Behind the Big Cyberattack


The actual attacks are only collateral damage in the larger conflict.

What is going on is a fairly sophisticated attack, not so much against computers as organizations and countries. The Ransomware attack that's making the news was made possible by hacking tools looted from what is likely the NSA. 

That may or may not be the case.

The ransomware attacks are deliberate collateral damage created when a supposed group of hackers calling themselves the Shadow Brokers released them online. The intent was for them to cause as much damage as possible and for the United States to take the blame.

It was the latest move in a game of cyberwarfare that encompasses Russian and American cyberwarfare assets. Russia's Kaspersky Labs had detected Stuxnet, which was aimed at the nuclear program of Russia's Iranian allies.The supposed hacking tools are attributed to the same origin source as Stuxnet. But those doing the attributing tend to be Russian assets.

That's also true here.

The Shadow Brokers, like Guccifer 2.0, are allegedly a government organization posing as hackers. Think of Kaspersky as wearing the white hats and the Shadow Brokers wearing the black hats. But the hats are just an outfit.  

The goal was to disperse the tools online as widely as possible, damaging US intelligence both by exposing cyberwarfare tools and distributing them in ways likely to be damaging so that the targets will blame the United States. As Microsoft is already doing.

On one level, there are two sets of hackers representing rival governments counting coup. The Russians let their boys have more fun in public. While the NSA depends on secrecy. But the Russians have become quite adept at disguising their attacks under the false flag of civil liberties. This is something the KGB picked up back when it was using leftist fellow travelers in the West. The politics have become more complicated and Americans still keep falling for it.

On another level, Russia is trying to damage American cyberwarfare capabilities using both direct cyberwarfare and indirect political attacks. It's tethered the two together quite effectively. And the real lesson of the past years is that while we have developed some offensive capabilities, our defensive capabilities are badly lacking.

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10 mai 2017 3 10 /05 /mai /2017 05:45

Iranian Muslim Pedophile Arrested in Synagogue Fire in Las Vegas


The fires at the Southern Nevada Desert Torah Academy led to an Iranian Muslim.

 A suspect was arrested and faces arson and burglary charges after investigators said he lit a pair of fires at a Las Vegas synagogue Monday evening in a possible hate crime, according to authorities.

Las Vegas Police arrested Afshin Bahrampour in a shopping center parking lot across the street from the scene of two fires set at the Chabad of Southern Nevada Desert Torah Academy at 1261 Arville Street late Monday, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue spokesman Tim Szymanski said.

Firefighters were called out to handle a car fire in the synagogue’s parking lot just after 8 p.m. Monday. Crews quickly extinguished the blaze, which caused significant damage to the vehicle and minor damage to two others.

While firefighters were cleaning up after the car fire, synagogue personnel told investigators they had extinguished a mysterious fire in a waste basket inside their building two hours earlier, Szymanski said.

Afshin Bahrampour has a very interesting history. He's a registered sex offender on 2 counts of sodomy.  The case is likely this one in Oregon.

On December 10, 1997 at approximately 3:00 p.m., AFSHIN BAHRAMPOUR, age 28, from Sherwood, was taken into custody by officers from Sherwood and Tigard Police Departments after eluding authorities for over one year.

In 1996, a secret indictment based upon an Oregon State Police investigation was handed down by a Washington County Grand Jury charging Afshin Bahrampour with several counts of Sex Abuse involving a girl who was 13 years old at the time.  Aware of the investigation, he left the address  where he was living in Beaverton and moved to an unknown location.  Bahrampour was known to work as a gymnastics coach at several local area gymnastics facilities where he had contact with young girls. 

 At about 2:45 p.m., Sherwood Police Officer G. Smith received a call from the principal of Hopkins Elementary School advising that Bahrampour had tried to enter their school and was refused entry.  Officers continued to check the area, and based upon additional sightings by some public works employees, Bahrampour was found walking on Tonquin Road near Tonquin Loop in Sherwood.  Officers described Bahrampour as being dirty and muddy from hiding in bushes in the area.

He was convicted and sentenced to 8 years in prison for the abuse of a 13 year old girl. And then launched an impressive array of lawsuits against everyone and everything.

He sued Oregon because they wouldn't let him have copies of Muscle Elegance magazine. (It was determined he had no Federal constitutional right to receive it in prison.) and the Joint Chiefs of Unfaith, aka America.

This matter involves Afshin Bahrampour's civil-right action against the Joint Chiefs of Unfaith, Barack Obama, N.A.S.A., the Central Intelligence Agency, the U.S. Navy, the National Security Administration, Independent Agencies, and the United States of America, among others, for reading his thoughts.

For example, Plaintiff states that "[t]he 'neural remote monitoring,' N.R.M., is audibly recognizable in the auditory cortex at 15 (hertz) and is a very mentally distressing and distractionary [sic] PRESENCE. It interrupts my prayer as a Shia Muslim." 

But apparently molesting young girls and trying to start fires in synagogues does not.

Afshin Bahrampour seems to have wasted countless amounts of taxpayer money in these lawsuits and his various imprisonments. Just imagine if we had acted sanely and just sent him back where he came from.

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